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In my pilates classes I combine the precision and strength work of Pilates with the fluid Somatic movements of Feldenkrais, the deep release work of Restorative Yoga and the stress releasing breath-work of Yogic Breathing; Pranayama.

Pilates is a holistic exercise system designed to strengthen, lengthen, tone and balance the entire body.

Pilates Can:
Help you regain control of your pelvic floor.
Increase overall muscle tone and strength
Ease lower and upper back ache.
Increase flexibility and joint mobility.
Improve breathing and circulation
De-stress and help relaxation by offering mothers valuable ‘me time’

  • Testimonials

    I am still feeling the benefits to body, mind and soul. .... It exceeded all my expectations and I hope to go again next year.

    It was LOVELY to meet you, that was just one of the best trips I have ever had.