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In 1990 I personally discovered the power of Pilates after a neck injury sustained from a car accident. I had been pretty athletic all of my life but it wasn’t until I sustained a neck injury that I discovered how Pilates could be used to regain full movement. Pilates ultimately gave me pain relief and the experience changed my professional direction; I became a Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher.

I trained with the Pilates Foundation because a more somatic approach to movement was encouraged. The Pilates training also included an insight into the world of physiotherapy, corrective yoga and post and pre natal Pilates.

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Living in London, meant that I soon noticed the effect ‘stress’ had on students coming to my classes. Tight muscles and restrictive breathing due to stress meant that I started combining the precision and strength work of Pilates with the deep release work of Restorative Yoga and introduced more fluid somatic movements such as Feldenkrais into my Pilates teaching. Nowadays, my classes explore fitness with a deeper insight into the tone of the body, resulting in a system of exercises to strengthen and stretch the body, leading to a better quality of movement and improved posture… which lead me to becoming a Yoga Teacher.

I trained with Yoga Campus at the Life Centre. The course is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. Yoga for me is an opportunity to create a moment of stillness where I unite movement, breathe and awareness, which focuses me in the present moment, which relaxes the mind and invigorates the body.

My Yoga classes are inspired by, but respectful of, the many different yoga traditions. They are creative and fluid and allow the body to respond freely to gravity by releasing non-essential tension whilst at the same time strengthening postural muscles. I use the awareness of the breath to aid movement and use movement as a focus for relaxation.

My creative approach to Yoga will benefit anybody who wished to experience greater energy, dynamic relaxation and a sense of freedom in movement. It will stimulate discoveries, growth and ultimately transformations.


  • BA(Hons), qualified by the Pilates Foundation
  • Level 4 Exercises for the Management of Low Back Pain
  • RElax and REnew Yoga
  • British Wheel of Yoga accredited Yoga teacher
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    I am still feeling the benefits to body, mind and soul. .... It exceeded all my expectations and I hope to go again next year.

    It was LOVELY to meet you, that was just one of the best trips I have ever had.